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esportskorea defense yourself gun gatling unleash
[Defense, Gatling Gun] Unleash yourself! (eSportsKorea)

A build for PvP with unlimited water gauge from unleash mode.

Lowest rate of soak gauge card (3rd card from the right side of the picture) is an option that can be replaced by your own choice. 300 Ryoki Barrier and Bebeby can also be replaced.

  • Use Bebeby to sustain from massive fight, or detect any stealth.
  • You need fast recharge of Haruka since it takes too long time to recharge. Use them whenever you see unless you are already in unleash mode.
  • Sliding fire is almost useless with the speed of gatling gun's slide but only cost your ammo. Use them very carefully than other guns.
  • Always turn on Power mode when  you get into unleash mode. Otherwise, extra ammo mode.
  • In CTF mode, try defend at your base or enemy's base. Never try capturing the flag.
  • Work best when you flying upside of enemy's head and just fall into enemy while shooting him.
  • Recharge as much as possible when you are out of unleash mode.
  • Damage is most important. Whenever you get damage nerf, use condition remover cards such as stealth cards.
  • Any build with fast movement, such as dual pistol with many offense cards.


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