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[Support, Assault Rifle] Combat Support (eSportsKorea)
Rank of eSportsKorea:

[Image: master12.jpg]

[Image: esport10.jpg]
An well-balanced support build for PvP with medium level of sustain, support and damage.

Homura, 3 combo, dolphin and stealth pet can be replaced by your own choice. However, please note that you should have at least 2 condition removing cards for AR.

  • Use 3 skill combo card to detect any stealth enemy. Since you are using barrier with only 200, you should know the location of your enemy in order to evade his any barrier breaker, or melee. It is recommended use stacked Homura fireball card as well once enemy stealth is deactivated.
  • Using 3 skill combo card's water reload speed buff, fight in air effectively with 3 burst shot of AR. You don't even need to make a landing with that buff.
  • Utilize sliding fire in any direction and flying carefully. It's only way to make your enemy miss his barrier breaker upon you. I recommend you mix them.
  • Get used to 3 burst shot mode, even when to make sliding fire or in unleash mode. Auto mode of AR is quite useless, due to its low damage plus lots of water cost comparing to 3 burst shot mode.
  • If your enemy is in barrier, trying remove that first using gun. And then use stacked Homura card immediately once enemy lost his barrier.
  • Use 3 skill combo card and stealth pet in order to remove your condition. The most harmful conditions to Assault Rifle specific are jet jump efficiency nerf and reload speed nerf. Once you find them you are suffering from such harmful conditions, try to use them.
  • When to support others, generate barrier first then heal them if both are available. It is because your allies sometimes don't get healed when getting actually damages by game system. Also, keep watching health bars of allies on the left side of the screen. The color of their hearts look differently based on remaining HP of them.
  • Run away when you are out of barrier or stealth.
  • Barrier breakers
  • A build with lots of jet jump efficiency nerf card
eSportsKorea - (NA)

Hello. I am eSportsKorea and one of top players in PS4 Leaderboard.
Here is a short video of playing the build:

AEG | Jotaku


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