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to hyperspeed guide how speedrun meta trick
[General] Speedrun Meta Guide + How to hyperspeed trick
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Just a "quick" overview of what's good and why.

Note: Hyper speed is referenced multiple times here. This is a bug(?) where after reaching speeds over 160 km/h, you continue accelerating like crazy while traveling in a straight line, allowing you to reach speeds of over 500 km/h with a good boost under ideal conditions. Making good use of hyper speed when possible is huge for cutting time, and much of what makes something good is how easily and consistently it works to give hyper speed.

This game has a lot of parts. Most of them are completely useless. Another big chunk are completely useless outside of multiplayer.

Here are the parts worth considering for speedrunning.

[High Output Battery Levels 1~5] - An absolute must at all times. No questions.

[Acceleration Filter Levels 1~5] - Acceleration isn't as essential as speed, but should still be prioritized. Dropping level 2, 3, or 4 if there's a specific setup you want is fine, but you should always have at least 4 of these parts.

[EPD Drift Amp Levels 1+3/ 2+3/1~3] - Drift amp is the best EPD generation in the game. More EPD = more boost = more speed. You rarely have the capacity to run all three of these, but you rarely need to run all three. If you're drifting on corners, and timing it so that boost speed expires before you charge a drift level (you gain no EPD from drifting while boosting), 2 parts should be sufficient as long as you have level 3 in there. Level 1 is the most efficient, level 2 is the least efficient, but the effect per cost is fairly similar for all of them.

[Lightweight Ride Plate Level1/2] - Ride plate gives you a bit of extra speed when using nose up.

(Most Jets) Speed is good, and nose up can be used a fair bit, although ride plate's benefit is usually minor. Take one of these if you have the space or the track benefits it, but it doesn't need to be a priority.

(Cuisine2) This is the key to activating hyper speed with boost + drift boost + nose up. Always take level 2.

[Handling Hydraulic Cylinder Level 2/4/2+4/2+4+5] - It's utility depends heavily on track and jet, but adding handling parts can help with lines and general consistency on technical tracks like Kandagawa Underground and Ichigaya Water Gates. Levels 2 and 4 the most efficient, and level 4 alone is stronger than 1+2, so 2 and 4 are the only ones really worth using. If you really want the handling, such as for Underground with a low turning jet, 5 is the next most efficient, so take that if you need it.

Keep in mind, these parts enable better lines leading to better times. It's often irrelevant, but certainly has uses where it's faster than the alternatives, so don't think of handling parts as just a crutch.

If you have some capacity left over, sail amp, side fin, and upgraded front rudder are some ge...

You are viewing only 33% of the whole content without any supporting materials like images/videos! This is 5 stars top secret about the game to be unlocked. Hope you can unlock it and help the author.

Points required to unlock: 150💎

Better response on post Speedrun Meta Guide + How to hyperspeed trickNo one was using it at the tournament, but the Cuisine 2 is a very fast machine.
Depending on the course, it will be faster than LAVCAR, so I recommend you to give it a try.

There is some old information, but you may want to look around here as well.
This is information compiled by Japanese steam players.

ジェットレースの基本 Basics of Jet Racing

ジェットレースのテクニック Advance of Jet Racing

Thank you very much.. This teaches and light me a lot.. I have unlocked it and wow.... The content is absolutely great with very thorough explanation!

One thing I would like to see in the future is the build, 5 stars meta build, perhaps one of the strongest builds completed, and posted under the meta build forum. So that I, or perhaps most of us, can simply use it without thinking too much about builds as a novice, and fully focus on increasing action/instinct skills without thinking of intellectual part. Although I might tweak a little bit using the guide here when I get skilled in action/instinct part.

btw why this thread's prefix is ps4? Does this guide only work for ps4 version of the game? I think it needs to be general or PvP.
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"it has a boost speed multiplier that allows it to achieve hyper speed without the need of a trick boost or boost panel"

What does it mean by "trick boost" or "boost panel" at the bottom of that sentence?
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Better response on post Speedrun Meta Guide + How to hyperspeed trick
(05-31-2021, 01:21 AM)Jotaku Wrote:  "it has a boost speed multiplier that allows it to achieve hyper speed without the need of a trick boost or boost panel"

What does it mean by "trick boost" or "boost panel" at the bottom of that sentence?

Trick boost(aka: it's the Speed Stunt): When you go over a jump and choose speed over handling or epd.

Boost panel: The green arrows in the water that speed you up for few seconds.
@AZuRMuNE Thank you very much, I see!
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