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rinkaku frenzy ghoul
[Ghoul, Rinkaku] Frenzy

An offensive build which focuses on the rage mode, which luckily happen when you have low HP. The build helps you get into the rage mode frequently by having almost none of defensive skill slot. With the skill that temporarily boosts your stats when you have low HP, effectiveness of rage mode will double.

Attack Damage + 75% can be replaced to HP skill that might help you avoid instance death that won't cause the rage mode.

  • Getting into rage mode happens when you have low HP during being damaged. Therefore, it is quite recommended that when you are out of combat, you always maintain full HP in order to avoid the instance death by some strong incoming damage that may oneshot you.
  • With this Rinkaku, you can use 2 kinds of skills. 1 of them will make large movement that jumps to hit the enemy. It is not recommended using that skill because you would have more chance to be exposed to enemy attack after the failure of your skill.
  • With another Rinkaku skill, you can press the skill button shortly (0.3sec) then release in order to blow enemy. You may want to utilize this skill more often because this is faster than another skill, and enemy cannot counter once successful because of its CC effect.
Anything that has high damage which may not give you getting into the rage mode



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