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guys hi
Hi guys
Hi guys this is 47
PSN- Atum47tv_YT
Gender- Male
Location-USA Eastern (NY)
Hobbies - Getting Tattoos ( I have Grimmjow and ulquiorra tatted

I find out about u guys from traplordgianni that’s my brother (best friend)I’m very proud he made the 2020 All Stars. I really mess with movement anime esports is doing.Its hard for anime gamers to get noticed.Back on topic I play a lot of anime games my favorites are my hero one justice 1 and 2 ,any one piece game and this old bleach psp game.Im just here to grow with a cool community.
Welcome 4700, appreciated to hear that you are Trap's friend!

Yeah, still anime games are not popular, rather it being considered as mediocre but we hope someday in the future they become more popular than current. And this community is just to help them grow up xD

As long as you stick to us you would catch up how anime games goes like, although we don't cover all of them, hopefully you stay with us for a long time Big Grin
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]
Yeah I will for sure staying with you guys for along time you guys are very supportive in this community and doing something for the community no one else would do .I hope I get to meet everyone.
Yes I am sure we are doing quite unique contents and but let me address the problem lol

As you see when it comes to competitive scenes, Japanese people and its game companies usually tend to think "1vs1 fighting" and yes they have beatifully growed up in that way and that is why there are some visible tourmanets on 1vs1 games such as BlazBlue.

Meanwhile western companies have grown their esports cultures in rather different way that more focuses on "team fight" or "squad fight" basis such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, Velorant, Apex Legends and so on..

And yeah, this is main problem of this community lol as you see this is a clan meant to be a team for "team or squad basis" games, which Japanese companies tend to avoid or have no idea of making good anime games for such team or squad basis (and also requires higher budget due to setting up network for massively online multiplayer is so costly so anime game company tend to avoid due to their low budgets) Confused

So my point is that we probably won't be able to grow up that well, but anyways, thanks for keeping in touch with us! Heart
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]
What u doing is great you have to understand it’s going be hard to be different from other regions and companies.Right now u got to look at what you grown this clan is a family a growing family.We just got to support and love each other worry about the big goals when they come just focus on spreading the word to the public. One people see their favorite YouTube or content creator in this clan they will push it at more and more.We will prove we deserve more attention but till the time come we got to work hard .
I agree, thanks for the advices!
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