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I found 1 useful case of using Ukaku<Leap>
Use it to heal yourself by knocking down chasing enemy with ranged attack lol
It worked against Trap in Kaneki sometimes so it will probably work sometimes.

I don't see its particular use in offensive action because its ranged attack damage is so low and also knocking down makes enemy temporarily un-vulnerable.

CCG Tanker build worked better with Ukaku<Leap> than Ukaku because it has to have a way to survive when HP is too low as it is tanking build. Ukaku didn't make me successfully run away from Trap when my HP was small, but Ukaku<Leap> allowed me run away and heal a lot easier against him.

The only possible way to make damage with Ukaku<Leap> I guess is just skill spam or special move.
But, I haven't thought that much details yet about how to make damage with Ukaku<Leap>, anyways.
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