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increase anime about contents
Increase contents about anime
According to recent report about top google keywords used to search this website, "yandere manga 2020" takes 1st position in its keyword ranks.

Top#1 - yandere manga 2020
Top#2 - anime esports
Top#3 - senran kagura 7even
Top#4 - tokyo ghoul re call to exist arima spawn
Top#5 - yandere manga list

More people come this website for anime/manga contents. We might not make all the forums for all the animes, but we can at least make anime/manga forum for anime games we support. Then we can go more profesionally into the animes of our anime games that the clan support.

1. Make a badge for being anime/manga master, respectively. Maybe good to seperate by anime title.
2. Make anime forums for anime games supported by the clan
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