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kurtzpel overview pvp
Kurtzpel PvP
Kurtzpel do have PvP, however, you will not able to directly meet actual players at first time. There are custom match and ranked match.

First of all, in the case of Custom Match, you can hardly see people at all times. In the case of Ranked Match, you need to increase your PvP rank to some extent, then you can meet real human players. Otherwise it puts you against bots. In order to meet real human players, you have to play dozens of matches against the bot. It is very unfortunate to see this things, but, you will have to do quite a lot, not just once or twice, against bots. And it's very boring, and there aren't good rewards. There is no bots in custom match.

For this reason, while you are trying to raise your PvP rank sometimes, do followings:
1) I also personally recommend using this website's LFG forum to find other PvP friends and play custom matches together.
2) You can apply to AEG Kurtzpel Pro League. There are people playing Kurtzpel PvP at specific time every week. You can find an application to AEG Pro League at top of announcement forum.

There is no equalized gear and equalized level in Kurtzpel. The equipment and level you get from playing PvE are reflected in PvP as it is.
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