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kurtzpel classes
Kurtzpel Classes
As of April 2021, there are total 11 classes in Kurtzpel. Also make sure the term "Class" is defined as "Karma" in Kurtzpel.

As you see the icon of greatsword, bow, staff, sword & shield and so on, each of those icons represents what weapon you use (of course some icons are indistinguishable but anyways).

And per each class, there are about...

22 skills in first page.

15 more skills in second page of same class, however, these 15 additional skills below Awakening category won't work in PvP.

Therefore, there are 11 classes, and you have about 40 skills per each classes. 
Make sure that you can choose 2 classes per each character. One character you play can have 2 classes in this game. You switch those classes by pressing "tab" key during the battle or wherever.

Good Luck!
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