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release gamm project date
Project GAMM Release Date
The official website of Project GAMM says that the Release Date is TBA. However, I predict that it will be around late 2022/early 2023. Also, I'm guessing it'll be released on about the similar date in Japan and North America. The rationale is as follows:

1. The official website provides information in Japanese and English at the same time. This also means that it is highly seemingly to be released in North America and Japan at similar dates.
2. Screenshots of gameplay already exist. But there are no videos. That also means they are probably focusing on the most basic things like the combat system right now. And for advertising they even emphasize by mentioning "The Most Beautiful Battle in the World". It means that there is still a lot of content left for the development period. So, I guess release date would be about the end of next year.

Whether it being true or false, this community will play Project GAMM actively because this community is filled with many members who derive from Project GAMM's director Takaki Kenichiro's previous games such as Senran Kagura and Kandagawa Jet Girls. If you are seeking players to play with, you may want to stick with us.

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