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gamm has opened project of website
The website of Project GAMM has opened!
Hi guys, Producer Kenichiro Takaki and Cygames have opened the website for their new anime game project, Gamm has opened!

The website supports both the English and Japanese. Usually, Takaki-san working under Marvelous he didn't support english at core level. Than means, English version of his games always released a lot later than Japanese release. Also there was no global server where any people in the world could play together. This was crucial to anime games since anime games regularly lack in their multiplayer population: and that was one of the reason Senran Kagura and Kandagawa Jet Girls multiplayer died so fast comparing to Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. I hope they now lose region lock thing in their games. And I do see this hope because the website has opened by providing both the English and Japanese at the same time.

Let's discuss Project GAMM, also please reply or make a new post under this forum if you have any news or concerns.
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