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to in area reach point maps of out how match bounds
How to reach out of bounds area in Point Match Maps!!
Traplord Gianni shows all gameplay for Underground Passage & Auction Wearhouse (He also mentions/show how to reach out of bounds)

How to reach blocked off area in Auction Wearhouse

How to reach out of bounds area in Underground Passage

Thanks to fredomn (PS4) for helping with this!!
"The two most important days of your life is the day you are born, and the day you discover... why." -Mark Twain
Lots of lol moments here, I think I saw this kinds of glitch before on Steam's CTE page, but I think that was different map. For PvP this report should be first.
Using gun on there should be fun anyways lol

Nice job on this attempts!

Tokyo Ghoul is really great game with huge diversity in its mechanic, very good combat system also. I hope developer makes some updates.
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