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What's the difference between all Kanekis?
I know that OG and :re have different move sets and what not, but is that really all there is to it? Like I'm pretty sure that black reaper and goat kaneki have the complete same moveset, special move, and awakening. Correct me if I'm wrong guys.
According to my experiences against to Kanekis', regular Kaneki and Kaneki:Awakened were strongest.

Centepede Kaneki has nice regular melee but I felt somewhat slow in terms of animation.

Black reaper and goat were weakest kaneki I felt.

Then what's the difference between regular Kaneki and Kenaki:Awakened? It's maybe range and damage difference on special move.

I felt like awakened Kaneki has a little bit longer range in front side and a bit more damage in its special move. But it's not confirmed by anyone else.
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