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[Offense, Shotgun] Power Zab (Zabflonne)
Top #2 in PBS leaderboard as of 2019/March

[Image: KVJ0RTx.jpg]

[Image: zab_sh10.jpg]

A build for PvP with great close damage and high speed movement to charge in upon enemy.

Rin card and barrier & barrier breaker combo cards are options that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close fight.

  • Fastest charging enemy is important. Turn on Rin card before charging in upon enemy, if possible.

  • If you failed making first hit after charging enemy, wander about surroundings for few seconds, and re-charge to take the lead the pace of the fight.

  • Always, heal yourself when everything is safe around you.

  • Once rushed at enemy and used barrier & barrier breaker combo card, for few second you can more close to enemy with powerful shot gun, which its damage is boosted by Ryobi card.

  • Air-friendly weapons such as shower gun or rocket launcher with homing shot.

Twitch: (FR)


Hello. I am Zabflonne, one of the top players in PS4 leaderboard.
Also known as simply Zab in PC PBS. Hope you guys already knew about me.

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