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[Offense, Dual Pistol] Zab Original Melee (Zabflonne)
Top #2 in PBS leaderboard as of 2019/March

[Image: KVJ0RTx.jpg]

[Image: zab10.jpg]

A build for PvP maximizing the use of dual pistol's movement in order to melee.

Miyabi card is an option that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close fight.

  • You can inflict melee combo by using Yozakura -> melee or Katsuragi -> melee.

  • Once your combo is successful, melee-lock your enemy and attack until downed.

  • Rarely, Katsuragi -> melee combo doesn't work and your enemy tries to dodge your next attack. In this case, use Miyabi card in order to absorb your enemy. This means, stacking Miyabi with Katsuragi is recommended.

  • Always check if you are safe prior to heal.

  • For this build, Ultimate Asuka is highly recommended because she prevents enemy bouncing then enemy body hits the wall, which results melee-locking in failure.

  • A build with any weapons that jumps or flies a lot, such as assault rifle.

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