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2021 can ages but community of be this dark
2021 can be dark ages of this community, but...
The answer is kinds of right.

The reason why it is being said is that simply there is no announced anime games with massive PvP features until the end of Blue Protocol MMORPG on PC, which would be possibly released in NA region 2 years later. But until then, no. Nothing.

Of course, there is always 1vs1 fighting anime games with their tournaments, but in terms of massively online multiplayer anime games which this community focuses on, there is none.

Since most anime games doesn't receive any updates after the release, it is essential to have at least one whole new anime game to be released at every 6~8 months interval (e.g. Fate/EXTELLA Link released in March 2019, Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist released in November 2019, and Kandagawa Jet Girls released in August 2020), but this trends seems like being stopped/ended since the failure of Kandagawa Jet Girls, in a sense that it couldn't attract the most part of Senran Kagura players to makr them buy the game.

For upcoming anime games, Senran Kagura 7EVEN is cancelled (most likely), Granblue Fantasy Link has no PvP, and Scarlet Nexus has no multiplayer.
Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, God Eater and Code Vein also have no PvP. At this rate, this community see no hope lol

Personally, due to recent behaviors of anime game developers, I strongly guess that they will keep PvP contents away from most of their games unless they develop 1vs1 fighting games. Probably due to that they realized being massive multiplayer for anime games are nearly impossible due to not enough population of its fans, and they couldn't keep players enjoying the games for a long term. But, is keepting players enjoyable for a long term important? why is important?

The reason is that if you look at what they do for 1vs1 fighting games where multiplayer takes only 2 people that are easy to start so that its multiplayer cannot die, the developers actually make continuous updates for those games. So it is proved that they actually do count the number of multiplayer people unlike what we saw in Senran Kagura, Tokyo Ghoul, and Kandagawa Jet Girls.

I stated in above paragraph that 'being massive multiplayer for anime games are nearly impossible due to not enough population of its fans'. This is true even though when it comes to PC free MMO where multiplayer population are much higher. For example, Kurtzpel had some leagues with ESL, but they all of sudden closed it. I don't know the detailed reason of closing it and couldn't find the reason on Google, but maybe possibly due to no population in PvP, I guess. But still, those free MMO or mobile games still gets updates at least, which regular anime games doesn't get any after the release.

Maybe this community would be required to move to free MMO games where multiplayer population is higher than regular anime games regardless of they requires P2W things. And for regular anime games we could only focus on some big titles that gets some updates like Sword Art Online series.
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