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fate record extra
Fate/Extra Record
For the 10th Anniversary of Fate/Extra it has been announced by Type-Moon studio BB that we will be receiving a remake of Fate/Extra in Fate/Extra Record. This game will be released on "current generation platforms" but has yet to have an official release date.
It's unknown whether this game will have new features that were not in the original, but I think it's unlikely given it's a remake.
I'm very happy with this news as a massive fan of the Fate/Type-Moon franchises, i'm glad they are continuing to provide newer games for consoles. It gives us hope that there is more planned on the horizon. My only worry is that it will be released in Japan months, sometimes even years before we get it worldwide. They did this with Fate/Extella Link and they do this with Fate/Grand Order on mobile.
Here is the trailer:

Official Announcement

Official Teaser Website for Fate/Extra Record

"Fate/EXTRA released on July 22nd 2010,
as the first RPG in the Fate series.
10 years after it's original release, the game is
now being remade for current generation platforms.
To all those who once witnessed the Moon Holy Grail War unfold,
and those who have yet to,
please look forward to its arrival."

Post will be updated with more relevant information as it releases.
What do you think of the game so far?
Thanks for the information! The game genre looks like traditional JRPG. Then that means there won't be multiplayer mode but that is fine since it looks more focusing on old fans and story. Personally I think the one of good platforms to enjoy JRPG genre of the game is mobile smartphone, since JRPG doesn't require fast micro-controlling (sorta skills required in competitive gameplay) so is possible to play on huge smartphone screen and some of them even have better 3D rendering performance than Nintendo Switch. So I hope they makes smartphone version as well. But according to this video, the game quality as a JRPG looks very nice and I felt mobile UI a bit.

I think either visual novel or JRPG type of games (RPG, SRPG, etc that doesn't involve too much actions like micro-controlling explained above) are best genre to deliver the story to users. I am sure they chosen right genre if that is their intend.

Game looks great for what I said, so far. However, for this kinds of the JRPG or Visual Novels genre, I would more focus on the story, which we can't determine right now Big Grin
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