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that needs anime games remake freedom wars
Freedom Wars: Anime Games that needs Remake
In this article, I want to talk about anime games that need to remake because the quality of original game was highly awesome.

Freedom Wars

Actually this is the anime game that I think defenitely in needs of making remake version on more popular platform other than PS VITA. The game is absolutely well made. PvP balance is little bad though between thorns and weapons, but else almost everythings are very nice. 

Only fail reason of this game is no update after few years and PS VITA. Else, almost everything is near perfect including story, music, combat system and so on. Can't believe the game was released back in 2014. First time I played this game was 2016. 

This game got 73 score on metacritic (assume Fortnite got 78). If it ever continued to release continuous updates and released on more populated platforms like PC, then it would have gotten more score than that. But in anycase, unless they adapt new business model that are used by many competitive esports games or something like mobile games & MMO that continuously provides updates even though the game becomes P2W, multiplayer will die again at certain point regardless of getting high score in metacritics. Whethere they decide to make remake version or Freedom Wars 2, I hope they consider new business model for the game.

Sadly it looks like there is no community that keeps this game going on. So there is no way you can play this game at regular interval.
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