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Guide on how to hit well with rocket type in pvp
Your goal is to hit the ground where your enemy is standing, Not the enemy himself.

If you turn off auto aim, it would be good if you use keyboard/mouse to hit the ground. 

But if you use ps4 controller, it is very uneasy. Especially if your enemies moves very fast, your joystick just can't follow even though you set fastest camera movement in setting. 

So maybe it is better to turn on auto aim if you are ps4 player. But you can just jump and shot so that it will hit the ground. But actually this isn't enough. 

If you just jump and shot, it will actually go little bit backside from the spot where your enemy is actually standing up, resulting miss. 

What you can do best in order to increase aim with rocket is that you can think middle of upper side of auto aim ractangle as where your enemy is, rather than you try to shot complete middle of those auto aim rectangle. If you do that way, the rocket will always go between yourself and enemy, rather than going more than the spot where your enemy is.
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