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will anime maybe die games all pvp
Maybe all PvP anime games would disappear
Better response on post Maybe all PvP anime games would disappear

OMG Genshin Impact now even got into first page in Twitch by the order of live view count. 
This is very critical when determining actual popular games. I even saw yesterday that Genshin Impact was even in top 10 list in Twitch.
Look realistically, this literally means that Genshin Impact pwned even some major games like Blizzard's Overwatch.
This straightforwardly tell us the trends of people in the world: They like PvE anime games as much as PvP non-anime games. 
Due to this trends, I am 99% sure that many other anime games companies in Japan like Bandai Namco, Marvelous, etc and some Korean anime game companies make PvE anime games only. And that trends will actually make this AEG community dead since it is PvP anime games focused lol

And now I see that that's why all anime games newly announced such as Scarlet Nexus and Blue Protocol they all have no PvP.

If you like PvP anime games, please stick to this community and make it be alive by posting some threads about anime games on the website if you want PvP anime games alive so that you don't have to play Fortnite, non-anime PvP games as an anime fan lol you should realize that at this point we are like the last samurai of pvp anime games.
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