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[NA/PS4] Z type weapon help needed
I am a level 185 looking for strong players to assist me in my z type missions i am able to make it to the NPCs solo but i am a healer/reviver so i can only do so much my nane is ZeroTwoSenko on ps4 mesdage me directly if you arr willing to aid me pls and thank you ^^ ~<3 mic id optional as i do not own one currently Big Grin
I used to only play Hero PvP but recently I feel like I have to lvl up and farm stuffs in SAO:FB. Will contact you once I feel confident to help others. Thanks!
AEG | Jotaku
What i am looking for assistants in getting them but good luck ^^
I died like noob during pve with you and messed whole things up, sorry
AEG | Jotaku


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