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cardpack beach peach guide splash complete pbs
Peach Beach Splash (PBS) Cardpack Complete Guide
Hanzō Pack
Gotten From Hanzō Missions in Story Mode
Possible Contents-Guns, Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsurugi, Yagyu, Hibari

Crimson Pack
Gotten in Crimson Squad Missions in Story mode 
Possible Contents- Guns, Homura, Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, Haruka

Gessen Pack
Gotten in Gessen Missions in story mode
Possible Contents- Guns, Yumi, Murakumo, Yozukura, Shiki, Minori

Hebijo Pack 
Gotten in Hebijo Missions in Story Mode
Possible Contents- Guns, Miyabi, Murasaki, Imu, Ryobi, Ryona

PBS pack 
Gotten in the story missions you unlock after beating all 4 school’s story missions
Possible contents- Guns, Renka, Hanabi, Kafuru, Ryoki 

Paradise Pack- 
Gotten from Paradise Missions
possible contents- Guns, Pets, Murakumo, Yozukura, Ikaruga, Katsurugi, Murasaki, Imu, Yomi, Hikage 

Queen Pack 
Gotten in V-Road Challenge
Possible contents- Guns, Leo, Yuyaki, Soji

Survival Pack 
gotten in Multisplash Co-op Survival [can be done solo with AI too. You don't need other people] 
Possible Contents- Guns, Ayame, Daidoji, Rin, Yumi, Asuka, Miyabi, Homura

Venus Pack 
gotten in multi-splash ranked match
possible contents- Guns, the 3 starter pets, Naraku, Kagura, Shiki, Minori, Hibari, Yagyu, Ryobi, Ryona, Mirai, Haruka
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