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Recent News about Kenichiro Takaki (Senran Kagura, Kandagawa Jet Girls Producer)
Cygames and Kenichi Takaki (Producer of Senran Kagura, Kandagawa Jet Girls) announced that they are working on creating a new game and is yet called "Project GAMM".
What they say about its core is as follows:

  • Game is a multiplayer focused
  • It is a fantasy game
  • There is PvP
  • It's not yet revealed that it is an anime game
  • It's not yet known to be mmo, or just online, or package type of buy-to-play game.

Well, as I stated in this thread that anime games PvP would disappear because there are high probability that many other anime game companies would imitate the way how Genshin Impact has succeeded, but I hope he has to make sure that "without continuous updating, it is hard for any games to survive for more than an year". And also it actually requires more than an year to succeed like Genshin Impact. 

But anyways, thank you very much to him if what he thinks of is an anime game.
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