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kagura senran the dlc removed market estival from versus
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus' DLC removed from the market
Better response on post Senran Kagura: Estival Versushttps://twitter.com/XSEEDGames/status/13...6457834500

It is said that Senran Kagura's DOA-related DLC will be no longer available.
It looks like a DLC related to appearance.
Of course it's not a good news. For conjecture reasons, if DOA's character appears in the Senran Kagura game, which was expelled from Sony, TECMO who created the DOA may have judged that the image of DOA game brand could be deteriorated. So, the license may not have been extended, or it may just be because there was no money to extend the license. I think there is a lot more potential for the latter. Either way, of course, is hypothetical, but it is news of killing anime game industry, which is sad. 

For what reason do you think Senran Kagura's DLC has been removed from the market?
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