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genshin impact in an example anime successful of the market game case as
Genshin Impact, the example of successful case in the market as an anime game
It is a good time to discuss about Genshin Impact, the new anime MMORPG game.

Genshin Impact makes lots of new players placed at top #3 among all PlayStation games, although it doesn't have its anime series. 
Let's look at the result of the survey we did on this part (https://forms.gle/Nw9CsEjqZsVotNG78)

For the 2nd question about "Can anime game succeed without its anime series?", people are divided to half on voting, 50:50.
But the fact that Genshin Impact shows right now, it isn't always true.

By looking at Genshin Impact, anime series of its anime game isn't necessarily needed to succeed as anime game. 

From this statistics, what I can guess, quality and f2p model is matter for anime game to succeed standalone without the support of its anime series.

And I think when the anime game of some anime series is made in poor quality, lots of its anime fans get disappointed and doesn't buy the game (e.g. Tokyo Ghoul).

Do you guys have any idea on this matter? something like what factors made this game succeed, future expectation of this game, what things people want to see in anime games in general, and so on?
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