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creators rules build for meta
Rules for meta build creators
Here are some rules that you will need to follow:
1. Admin may make changes in your posts, but will notify you by private message, and also negotiate you when you disliked the change that is not about livestreamer advertisement in your post.
2. If requested by admin or someone else who are livestreamer, you must accept 3 livestreamers, who made a video about your build, to be officially advertised into your post. If you don't do this for any reasons (e.g. being away from the website), then the admin will add videos of those livestreamers into your post. It will be 2 livestreamers if you included your own video about the build in your post.
3. You are recommened to follow following form (you can also modify):
================= START =================
An brief overview of your build.

1. Desc #1
2. Desc #2

  • Desc #1
  • Desc #2
A build that might counter your build

(READ FOLLOWING THEN DELETE EVERYTHING IN THIS PARENTHESIS: When you are requested as described in rule #2 above, delete "None" below, then embed the videos of other livestreamers, which show that your build is used. Regardless of the video being Twitch/Youtube, add the videos of maximum 3 other people excluding your own video, or 2 other people including your own video in this post. Each livestreamer can post only one video)


Request us to list your livestream officially in the document if you livestream this build! 3 people maximum per each build.
* Alternatively, you can also comment below with your Youtube or Twitch address.
* Thank you very much if you can rate the build by clicking stars above (near Thread Rating), and review the build by commenting below once you played it!
================= END =================

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