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s some rpg my favorite of games 1990
Some of my favorite RPG games of 1990's

Shining Force 3 was really great game.... it was released almost 25 years ago though but still... very impressive movie
Game is still kinda half anime game which allow me to introduce here this website lol

[Image: xNV1ALx.jpg]

Another good RPG game in 1990's which looked good to me was Valkyrie Profile on PS1 but that is not anime game illustrations in the game looked kinda realistic so I only played a little bit since not being an anime game. Story was amazing though.

Well anyways I always have been loving anime games since I was born so if you do so then please join our anime game pro league thanks!
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]
Another good game 1990's.

For this game I really liked OST at 49:43
[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]

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