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anime esports my favorite game streamers
My Favorite Anime Game Streamers

(image credit : TLG)

Not only his gaming skills being exceptional, TLG is also very funny guy.

I don't get annoying nor boring while watching his contents because he repects his audiences, does not use use bad words (except very few cases but its purpose is to make audiences feel fun), and sometimes he makes some strange voices that are generally fun.

He also goes very details about any knowledge he knows. 

Unlike many anime game streamers, he uses mic and sometimes a cam as well.
He also has lots of anime figures and merchs if you caught him when he uses a cam lol
He is a good anime fan to make anime friends if you are also a fan of anime.

If he used some professional video editing tool like Adobe Premiere, and also if he used rapidtag and vidIQ, he could have much more subscribers I believe. But he isn't familiar with PC anyways. .

You can check his Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCARazJU...XIuWua4tyw

Actually as of now, Trap is only an anime gamer whom I don't feel boring while watching. 
Well, I watched some other famous anime gamers like AfroSenju, but I think Trap is just more fun. Well actually Afrosenju doesn't much focus on comeptititve anime gaming in these days though. I think that's the main reason for me why I don't get too much get into his channel, but instead keeps me watching TLG.

Now I would like to introduce next POTENTIAL anime game streamer who may be able to become big!


Tiatmat is currently one of top players in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet and I think he/she is very skilled near exceptional level.
Just one sad thing is that Tiatmat looks like not too much involved in Youtube Streaming right now, but we can see him in the future, anyways!

You can check his/her Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-F_VY...nLAvhLOp6A
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No one else wants to share your favourite anime game streamers?
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