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Application to AEG Pro League Fall 2021 now opened! Apply now in this page!
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"This is how I got Top #1 in pro league w2021"
Better response on post "This is how I got Top #1  in pro league w2021"

AEG was formed back in 2018 and have been playing anime games competitively in last few years, and today we want to introduce some noticeable players, whom we have discovered so far whose gaming skills are exceptional, but not only that, also along with their strong passions on anime games! They are the winners of AEG Pro League 2021 Winter Season!

We really hope that you subscribe their livestreams. Your supports on them will greatly improve anime gaming area.


Congratulation! Dark-Doubht has taken top #1 spot in AEG Pro League Winter 2021 season for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (Hero PvP). Dark-doubht is Brazilian pro gamer. Dark-Doubht was unfortunately a little behind Nico last season, but this season, he finally made a brilliant first place. There is virtually no visible difference in skills between the best players, but Dark-doubht is more than them when it comes to diligence and persistence. He steadily practiced in the pro league, the highest competition level, and finally regained the first place. In fact, isn't that consistency and constant practice the real factor in winning or losing? Looking at the Dark-doubht, it can only be said that it is truly a human victory. Please follow him a lot!


Kandagawa Jet Girls has a low participation rate among AEG Pro League events. Therefore, it is difficult to practice competitively in practice except by actually participating in the AEG Pro League. But strangely, AzurMune is a player whose skill improvement is remarkably improved compared to other players. Last season, he was unfortunately lost to Oculin and wasn't able to take first place, but in this season his skills have really improved dramatically, and he finally won first place. At least no one beats him right now on this continent of North America.

Meet AZuRMuNE here and add to your buddy list!


Unlike TLG's poignant personal skills, Fredonm's play is characterized by its strong cooperative play. He reads the overall battle flow, so he avoids exactly when he needs to, and when he enters a battle, he fights and wins a certain victory with his whole team. This is another point of strength compared to those who play a lot of games like 1vs1 and are strong in skills such as instinct. Fredonm is well acquainted with that. Please follow Fredonm's Youtube!

We will be massive advertising the winners using our emails/SNS/else for next 4 months!
Haven't applied to AEG Pro League Summer 2021? Apply now in this page!

Will we be meeting more top anime gamers in the future? Of course!
Please stay tuned!

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