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to exist re compare call ghoul vein code honest tokyo vs
Tokyo Ghoul Re Call to Exist vs Code Vein - Honest Compare
Because so many Youtubers give negative reviews on this game, I wanted to write about personal review upon TG:CTE (Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist). 

Most of Youtubers simply discourage people from buying TC:CTE by saying that TG:CTE has PS2 old graphic. But it is fact that there are still more things to consider than just graphic when to evaluate the game.

I will compare this game to Code Vein so that you will understand more if you played Code Vein already. I played both of them.

When I evaluate the game, usually I watch these factors, ordered by that most concern at the top and least concern at the bottom:
1. (total 100 score) Game mechanic (mostly combat style) and its diversity
2. (total 95 score) Anime character customization and its diversity
3. (total 90 score) Having PvP, if so how's balance? (balance will score a lot more when the game balance is still good with larger diversity because it is harder to balance the game if the diversity the game provides is larger)

And how much PvE Faming is required for PvP? (score become worse if PvE is more related to PvP because pure and true PvPer doesn't even want to PvE. However, a case like farming through PvP won't make score any worse and will get positive points depending on the farming amount).

4. (total 85 score) Does game get any update with meaningful contents? and its frequency

5. (total 80 score) Farming Requirements (way too much or way too less farming gets score bad. Repetitive in many factors gets worse score).
6. (total 75 score) Sound
7. (total 70 score) Graphic
8. (total 65 score) Story

The reason why I concern the story as least concern, because I more like visual novel game, manga, or anime for enjoying the story. I wouldn't put story at most concern for the games like action game.

You might say why I put category 3 as Code Vein does not even have PvP, but it is also true that there are always groups of people who likes PvP game, and those kinds of people cannot be IGNORED from the advertisement of Code Vein. And usually balancing PvP is way much harder than balancing PvE so I give extra score to games and its devs for having PvP and good balance.

Also you will see that scoring here is quite larger than somewhere like Metacritic because they compare anime games to non-anime realistic games such as Fortnite, CoD and so on, which are non-anime games that pursue realistic graphics so most anime games usually get low score by Metacritic. And this is what we think going against fairness since anime itself isn't real so it has limitation on pursuing realistic graphic so that we can't measure anime games as same method as scoring non-anime game pursuing realistic graphic that is meant to get high score in terms of graphic. In this website we only compare anime games with anime games so score will generally higher than there because we won't compare anime games to non-anime games.

Here is my score upon both games.

1. (total 100 score) Game mechanic (mostly combat style) and its diversity:

TG:CTE - 90, Code Vein - 70
Reason : Mechanic of both games are good. Thus, both starts from 80. But in terms of diversity, TG:CTE is little larger, plus it has its own unique game mechanic, so +10 to TG:CTE. Additional -10 point to Code Vein game mechanic is copied and modified from Dark Souls while TG:CTE has its own.

2. (total 95 score) Anime character customization and its diversity

TG:CTE - 55, Code Vein - 95
Reason : Code Vein simply has super better anime character customization system than TG:CTE. I think Code Vein has the best anime character customization system among all anime games so far.

3. (total 90 score) Having PvP, if so how's balance? And how much PvE Faming is required for PvP?

TG:CTE - 70, Code Vein - 0
Reason : Code Vein gets 0 score because no PvP. For TG:CTE, I couldn't give more than 60 because

a) Having PvP - 30 point
b) PvP balance isn't good but its large diversity prevents from losing the score because it is hard to balance when the diversity is large - 20 point
c) PvE farming is too much related to PvP - 20 point
30+20+20 = 70

4. (total 85 score) Does game get any update with meaningful contents? and its frequency
TG:CTE - 0, Code Vein - 60

Reason : I have seen Code Vein got a meaning update, but for TG:CTE it haven't gotten any meaning one with proper contents.

5. (total 80 score) Farming Requirements

TG:CTE - 80, Code Vein - 80
Reason : I think both games are good in this section.

6. (total 75 score) Sound 

TG:CTE - 70, Code Vein - 70
Reason : I liked some musics of both. Code Vein music is simply quite beautiful. TG:CTE also has good musics that made me listen to lots of times and very well describe the dark atmosphere of its game.

7. (total 70 score) Graphic - 70

TG:CTE - 40, Code Vein - 65
Reason : Well you know the reason already. Nearly full mark to Code Vein. But anime games are not to pursue realistic graphic since anime itself is not real so that overall total score for this section is low, anyways.

8. (total 65 score) Story - 65
TG:CTE - 50, Code Vein - 60
Reason : Even though Code Vein is not visual novel game, but story is also beautiful so I give high score. TG:CTE story is kinda repetitive version of its manga and anime rather than its own. Story is quite good if you read its manga, but it's still repetitive in a game and cannot represent whole sense and feeling I could get from manga, and that's the point.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist = 455 out of 660 (equivalent to 68.9 out 100)
Code Vein = 500 out of 660 (equivalent to 75.7 out of 100)

My Last Recommendation:
If you want the anime game that has PvP, buy TG:CTE. IF AND ONLY IF you can enjoy PvP, you will play TG:CTE quite longer time than Code Vein, and like TG:CTE more than Code Vein (so do i). Otherwise get Code Vein.
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