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to exist depth re in review call ghoul tokyo
Tokyo Ghoul Re Call to Exist Review (In-depth)
Helllo anime gamers!

[Image: 9a2ca8003fc55c92ed1245c8dba8cf2460bcaf46...ee9be42f68]

Finally Tokyo Ghoul: Re Call to Exist has been released!
I have spent 7 days and the game is actually better than my thought and kinda fun.



So here is the in-depth review:
1. Game do have character customization system like MMO, where you can create your own. But as of now, there are not much different hair styles & costumes, etc. However, you don't even have farm a lot for your character, but you can just use given character from the anime instead of growing your own character. There is not much differences between given characters and your own character in terms of the perfomance, rather, given characters are stronger than your own one if you equip nothing on your own character. They will do equal performance if and only if you equip same on your own character as that anime character has. And getting those equipments for your own character requires a lot of farming time in PvE. So if you have no time to farm, just use given anime characters.

2. In PvP, you can use one of given characters from the anime, or create your own character. If you just use given characters, the game doesn't require you much farming. However, if you want to use your own character in PvP, then game will require you to farm items and materials in PvE in order to get stronger in PvP (this is probably only the bad thing I thought about this game because continuous PvE is so boring). Faming amount I guess is about 2 times than Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash's (PBS tooks 1~2 months farming so this game I guess about 2~4 months). I think it will take many months to collect all of them. Using those items and skills you can customize your build and so on. So the game have pretty wide variation in terms of combat system. You can either farm by singleplayer or multiplayer (Coop campaign) and both are tbh I feel easy that you can just farm via singleplayer if you dont want to wait other people. But for few missions of hard modes are very hard to finish by yourself (e.g. mission named disposal facility on hard mode is quite hard for doing your own). For that mission I recommend you to multiplayer to finish.

3. There are only 2 maps in PvP as of now, but lots of different missions and maps in PvE. Very strange personally, but leaderboard is seperated per each maps, and ranking is determined by some strange standard I haven't seen so far in any games so that I haven't seen not much of actual skilled players shown in leaderboared.

4. Balance in PvP is little bad as of now but mostly fine (because of only one QUINX build being way too OP, top rated in meta build section named RAMPAGE). 2 characters, whom you obtained from sudden event during the mission which shows "death is coming...", are quite OP in PvP as well. For example, Kishou Arima, the one of those two, is OP in PvP atm. He does teleport when dodging. Plus, your own character cannot teleport dodge even though you equip same weapon (Narukami) as Kishou Arima. Kishou Arima and Centepede Kaneki isn't too OP since your custom character will play better once you got the right build. 

5. Game's overall atmosphere is like dark + action, but doesn't feel like playing Dark Souls (this is not negative point). It has its own dark atmosphere (but not too dark as much as Dark Souls since it is anime game, but I personally liked this as well).

6. There is network problem for PS4. If you can't join in other rooms, or you can't see people who joined in your room, you must close the game and rerun.  looks like fixed

Again and lastly, there is atm no point to create and grow your own character for since given anime character will outperform your own character. For example, your own character cannot perform something OP movement like Kishou's teleport dodge, also starting HP point of your own character is less than any given characters. Your own character might perform similar to them if you farm that much a lot for few months, however, there is no point to farm for your own character for many months because your own character after few months will perform similar to given characters and you wasted time. Farmed Character will perform slightly better than premade characters from the anime.

Game is quite fun anyways. I like its combat system and dark atmosphere. If you look for anime game which you want to play for a long time, decent coop missions, and needs PvP that is quite fun to play, this is quite a game that you want to grab.

Finally you can ask anything about game here.
Thanks for reading!

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