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mmorpg anime upcoming
Upcoming Anime MMORPG
Will anime mmorpg rescue anime games since anime games are dying as of March 2021 according to the statistics?
Here we introduce upcoming anime mmorpg games to be released after March 2021.

Blue Protocol (PC)

The combat system is a bit spammy. In fact, it is quite difficult to create a neat combat system while trying to use gorgeous graphics and effects. First of all, while watching the video, the impression of feeling is that there is no special thing, that is, its own unique system. It feels similar to lots of mmorpg games that have been around until now. Even though it is a Japanese game, it is very rare case to see that the uniqueness of the game is not felt at all. It feels like it was created to pursue the stability of profits and walk a proven path. Thus, for me it is a fine game. In this game, PvP is called Party vs. Party, and it is said that each wave is to defeat a large army of enemy monsters. In other words, there is no real Player vs Player, PvP. It may change in future.

Project BBQ (PC)

I kinda felt that the combat system was a bit impressive. Also it feels like a little less spammy and a neat combat while having good graphic and effects. The gameplay seems to be very fast. Somehow I was reminded of Code Vein + Jump Force. From an otaku point of view, the moe element feels a bit lacking. This is unfortunate lol. However, this video is only a trailer, and no real gameplay video has been released yet, so it is still too early to judge. For now, this is one of the most anticipated games for me.

Gran Saga (PC, Mobile)

This game is an open world MMORPG. However, just looking at the video, the battle system is very spammy. Personally it's not my taste (this doesn't mean that the game is bad! everybody has their own preference so) I feel that the character design is somewhat influenced by Tera's Elin. Seeing that there is something like a combination of cards, I was given the impression that it was focused on profits (though it is natural for a company). It feels like a lot of work has been put into the story mode. It is said to support PvP.

Tower of Fantasy (PC, Mobile)

It is an open world MMORPG anime game. Judging from the video, an uniqueness is not felt yet. At first, I thought that there would be a real combat system as it had a function like wall climbing, but strangely, as there was no scene of taking damage while falling from the sky to the ground, I stopped thinking of it as a real combat system. More specifically, since the character could fly in the sky, then what is the point of climbing a tree. The combat system feels bit spammy. According to the information, it also supports PvP. It is said that it will not be released to NA until at least 2022.

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