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play? esports what should you game
What eSports game should you play?
What eSports game should you play? We recommend that you choose eSports games that you are the most passionate about. 
However, later you will also need to consider difficulty levels of the eSports tournaments, because just being passionate will not make you succeed if there exists thousands of player who are also passionate about the game you play. It's still better to get some rewards from smaller tournaments than being left nothing in bigger tournaments.

Here is a list of some eSports tournaments and their difficulties:
League of Legends World Championship - Hard
Battle.net World Championship Series -Hard
ESL Pro League - Hard
Call of Duty League- Hard
Capcom Cup - Medium
META Open - Medium
Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour - Medium
eggwp Weekly Series - Easy
AEG Pro League - Easy

* You can visit this page to view all eSports tournaments. You can assume that it generally gets harder when prize pool is higher.
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