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to a in reason what your 2021? using is forum avoid
What is your reason that makes you avoid using a forum in 2021?
During early of 2000's, actually forum was the best software when it comes to forming an online community.
Lots of people discussed on various topics, sharing each ideas. Sometimes it went insanely long discussion.

However, as time goes by, Facebook and Twitter happened to emerge around the late of 2000's, killing lots of forum websites.
And then around 2015, real-time application like Discord happened and even more killed forums. I am very unsure what will be coming next after Discord.

Nowadays it is hard to see working forum unless the field that the forum in is about very great niche.

Is it probably just a simple reason that using and writing in a forum as of 2021 isn't fun comparing to what you do in Discord?
What's your opinion? I really wonder about this topic.

Thanks for reading it.
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