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in pro ski why jet don rule league? default set t on we
Why we don't set default jet ski rule in pro league?
Well, you might wonder why we don't set a rule like "all play default jet ski", because of following reasons:
1. There is no way we can check if a person really plays default jet ski with no options at all. Simply says, someone might be cheating. So unless the developer makes unique game mode like Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet's Hero PvP, which is equivalent to default jet ski in Kandagawa Jet Girls, I don't think it is an effective idea since we don't know who might cheat. Also there is no kick function.

2. The website rather promotes you to post about meta builds or recommend using meta builds. Otherwise no one is going to use this website plus there will be no reason for website to exist because LFG can be done much easier using Discord. For this reason we want you to share strong builds if you have any so that we all see how you set up and use yours, play effectively as you play. This website even regularly opens a contest around making builds with giveaways. For this website, discussions about any topics, like build discussions or esports discussions and so on, are much more important than playing only game (which has nothing to do with the website because you can still play without coming here) in order to survive by making a lively forum in that way. Please don't get it wrong: I know this little bit sounds like it has nothing to do with making anime games eSports but it is actually a process needed to make anime games eSports, in a just different approach, and making anime games eSports has always been the final goal of the website.

Feel free to leave a comment. I really want to hear about your opinions. Thank you very much~
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