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aeg in view anime analysis public its clan of the gaming exposure and marketing
Analysis of AEG Anime Gaming Clan in the view of its public exposure and marketing
Currently, there are 2 major ways how this community gets people:

1. Through PS Community
2. Through Google Search

So 1st way only targets PS4 gamers and is kinda obvious. So this article will talk about 2nd way.

Problem 1:
So I went deep on what kinds of people find this community through Google search and the results are there are people who find and visit here.
Most of them are PC users. And even among them, only few plays anime games.

Solution for Problem 1:
So to grow this community, it is mandatory to provides weekly pvp schedule on PC platform, so that we encourage those non-anime gamers to play anime games, but sadly I don't own gaming PC atm. And I will get it by the end of this year. Probably gonna run dual sessions of PC and PS4 for multiple anime games.

Problem 2:
How do people find this community with which queries on Google Search? - mostly by search quries such as "code vein pvp", "anime esports", "esports anime", "senran kagura 7even". Sadly we only have lots of articles about Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist, but nobody comes to this community for Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist. We might be advertising Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist to them, though.

Solution for Problem 2:
Need to dig into other anime games and make lots of contents for them, better if the game has lots of player bases such as Code Vein and Senran Kagura.

Problem 3:
Almost no people find this community for finding plain "anime" community. I do see some keyword like "yandere" though.

Solution for Problem 3:
Need to increases contents about anime and manga.

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