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our anime esports don dream forget t
Don't Forget Our Anime Esports Dream!
Don't forget our anime eSports dream!

Many people may ask us that, why anime games being eSports is the dream for anime fans. Thus, in this article we are going to talk about this.
Particularly this is not always correct answer especially for those who are regular fans of certain anime at moderate level, but is correct answer for those who are hard fans of certain anime, or for those who play not only PvE & Coop anime games, and also for those who plays non-anime competitive games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, and so on along with any anime they watch at the same time. Here is why:

1. You can play with your beloved anime characters 24/7 all days. Basically this means you love spending your time with your best waifu/husbando. In this case, multiplayer feature is just being an option that isn't major reason for spending your time with your waifu/husbando, but multiplayer feature can be meaningful or major factor that provides you the motivation to spend long time with your waifu/husbando. The game is very active and keep updating since the anime game being eSports and popular, thus you don't need to quit the lively game.

2. According to this article, it is the most likely proved that normally anime game developers can keep updating the game if the game has enough multiplayer population going on 24/7. Otherwise they usually doesn't do that. So all players had to stop the game at certain point. This kinds of issue can be fixed once an anime game become eSports. There will be no need for developers to ditch their most selling game.

3. Anime games has long history. They started to appear very long time ago like 1980's on probably NES, MSX, NEC PC-98, Ms-dos or else, but anime games have never experienced massive success yet so far as competitive genre.

(Image of anime games in 1980s and 1990s, which is the era even your parents may play anime games)

Well, history is very long, but that's it. Because even now, which is 30-40 years later, anime games hasn't experienced massive success yet. According to Twitch directory, currently Genshin Impact is the most successful anime game as non-competitive genre, and Dragonball Fighter Z and some anime mobile games are the most successful anime game as competitive genre. But still all of them have a way smaller viewer counts comparing to major games such as CSGO, WoW, Dota, Valorant and so on, which most of them are eSports games. So we can surely say that true anime eSports has never happened yet, which involves multiple clan activities, pro teams, pro-gaming organizations, progamers, pro leagues and so on, over just plain 1vs1 duel stuffs in some tournaments. Thus, Anime Esports is definitely the area that you can dream of.

Thank you very much for reading!
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