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[Hybrid, Pistol] Melee Pistol (Mumeii)
Rank Of Mumeii:
[Image: legend10.jpg]

[Image: mumeii10.jpg]

An well balanced pistol build for PvP with both offense and support capability.

Miyabi, Homura, and Ryona cards are an option that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close to medium range fight.

  • Use Ryona card to detect any stealth enemy, or nerf their DPS regularly.

  • In close range fight, given Yozakura and Miyabi cards works best. However, if they are not ready, sometimes fire ball in very close range can oneshot your enemy or his/her barrier.

  • Your most damages comes from your offense cards but not your gun. Use your pistol to vividly fight with its fast mobility.

  • When enemy's barrier triggered at half of hp is already used, you can use 2 offense cards continuously to finish enemy off.

  • In most cases, use 2nd power mode of pistol, unless you want to slide to dodge something.

  • A build with lots of homing projectile, and good mobility or flying capability.

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