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pistol mumeii melee hybrid
[Hybrid, Pistol] Melee Pistol (Mumeii)

An well balanced pistol build for PvP with both offense and support capability.

Miyabi, Homura, and Ryona cards are an option that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use dolphin pet in close to medium range fight.
  • Use Ryona card to detect any stealth enemy, or nerf their DPS regularly.
  • In close range fight, given Yozakura and Miyabi cards works best. However, if they are not ready, sometimes fire ball in very close range can oneshot your enemy or his/her barrier.
  • Your most damages comes from your offense cards but not your gun. Use your pistol to vividly fight with its fast mobility.
  • When enemy's barrier triggered at half of hp is already used, you can use 2 offense cards continuously to finish enemy off.
  • In most cases, use 2nd power mode of pistol, unless you want to slide to dodge something.
  • A build with lots of homing projectile, and good mobility or flying capability.
https://www.twitch.tv/mumeii__ (EN)

https://www.youtube.com/user/ArcticFlameFoxx (EN)


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