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If you experience lots of disconnection, read this please.
This is a guide for anyone experiencing few or many disconnections while in a PvP match.

The game's multiplayer is P2P based system. And disconnection happens mostly because the distance between your system (PS4 or PC) and your modem (or router), not because of the speed of your internet itself.

There are 2 ways to fix it:

1. Connect a physical wire that can be directly connected from your system to modem or router

2. If you can't connect physical wire for some reason, buy "Wifi range extender". Make sure if your modem (or router) can support 5ghz. If your modem (or router) supports 5ghz and your playstation 4 is either one of slim or pro (first generation PS4 doesn't support 5ghz), then you have buy 5ghz version of wifi range extender (5ghz is likely super fast wifi). Otherwise just buy regular Wifi range extender.

Then, place your wifi range extender below your Playstation 4 or PC, using table or something. This is because signal usually go upside.

And enjoy!
AEG | Jotaku [Image: HW57OUL.png]

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