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to consoles come anime mobile than games more pc and
More anime games come to mobile than PC and consoles

Releasing games on mobile also means that the game might involve P2W aspects when it comes to competitive gaming. And we all know that P2W negatively affect competitive gaming.

But due to that game developers may make more money and provide continuous updates and new contents to the existing players, which results in players play pretty longer. This is the main point which the most anime games on PC and consoles except MMO, like Genshin Impact, are suffering from. According to our experiences in anime gaming area, none of multiplayer anime games without any updates could never go more than 2~6 months, I mean it by massively online multiplayer which you can play multiplayer anytime, including morning and dawn.

So mobile platform may be a good place for anime game niche company to survive longer. 
Here I don't say that we should focus on mobile gaming, but we might be required to pay a bit more attention to it.
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