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off but anime ps5 consider experiences greater put gaming pc buying for
Put off buying PS5 for greater anime gaming experiences, but consider PC.
For anime game multiplayer, it is essential to have a community for its multiplayer where users can find a place to have a chance to play quickly because there are small number of players.

Usually for PS4, it was relied on PS community. Many people could find a place easily once they buy the game and have access to PS community related to the game.

But according to recent news about UI of PS5, there is no PS community feature confirmed. That means it is going to be very hard to find other players to play with for anime games on new PlayStation system. This also means all existing PS communities on PS4 may be gone as well.

In this case, this community should move to PC.

We can wait until first anime game with PvP multiplayer releases on PS5. Until then, you can put off buying PS5 if your reason is to play anime games in the most populated server.
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