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gamers? will anime who champion of be next
Who will be next champion of anime gamers?
It's just one week before the release of Kandagawa Jet Girls!

As the champions of anime gamers at the middle of 2020 are announced here, We are still looking for next anime gaming champion for next half of an year who will stand with existing top level of anime gamers such as Mumeii, Uchi, and Traplord Gianni!

The important thing to notice is that, we don't only look at only the gaming skill being exceptional, but we also consider their strong passions upon anime games to make anime and games popular by regularly live-streaming/posting a video, or something equivalent in terms of popularizing anime games, about Kandagawa Jet Girl which is our next anime game the community will focus. Please make sure if you fits into this.

We will have weekly PvP match for Kandagawa Jet Girls as well, on friday and saturday 10PM ET every week. During this time, lots of strongest anime gamers in our community will appear and hopefully play with you, shall we?

We hope to see you in the battlefield!

[Image: Kureha-Signature.gif]

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