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aeg fighting focus why does at the dbfz? moment? games like naruto not dbfz on
Why AEG does not focus on fighting games like Naruto, DBFZ at the moment?
Short answer is, we will, but not just right now.

Today, we will go through critical arguments pointed by other people in this community since beginning: why AEG does not focus on fighting anime games and some major anime games like Naruto, DBFZ.

Reason 1: AEG is new and small community that is hard to grow up with big games.
The most problem is that only single Youtuber can benefit from this kinds of fighting games so that they just don't fit into website-based community like us in favour of growing up the community. Small community like us cannot start with big games to grow up because of no reputation at all from the start while other communities have. People will just go to other communities than AEG.

Reason 2: 1vs1 game doesn't necessarily need a clan
It is pretty much that in 1vs1 fighting game, clan is not necessarily needed. Rather, probably single Youtuber/Twitch streamer more fits into fighting games. This is very simple and concise reason. This also means that if we were not a clan, we would have focused on them too. But as a clan, we don't particularly find good reason to dig into them as our major game right now. Eventually in the future we would like to focus on fighting games as our member count increases so that many of them also play fighting games. That's when it is going to happen. For now, let us more focus on team-based games than 1vs1 fighting games at the moment. This doesn't mean we won't have them forever.

This samely applies to 1vs1 RTS game like StarCraft (anyways there is no anime RTS games yet on major gaming platform like PC and PS4).

Reason 3: Most successful eSports games are mostly massively online multiplayer.
If you go https://www.twitch.tv/directory?sort=VIEWER_COUNT where it lists down top games by viewer counts which is population, believe it or not, most of them are massively online multiplayer games.

So currently we more focuses on anime games that corresponds to massively online multiplayer games and popularize them. But the sad thing is that most Japanese game companies tend to think fighting game is best the way they can solve when it comes to creating competitive scenes in their minds, thus high-quality anime games that support massively online multiplayer features are really rare and small, or even none yet while there are high-quality 1vs1 fighting anime games. Setting expensive network server for massively online multiplayer is also another reason to avoid for niche anime game companies. Well, all we can do is to keep supporting them until they make very decent one.

Conclusion: We will, but not just right now as there natually exists more clan members playing that.
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