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[Offense, Shotgun] NT_Ghost916 (Japanese Server)
Rank of NT_Ghost916:
[Image: master12.jpg]

[Image: nt_gho10.jpg]

A sneaky offense build for PvP with great sudden damage.

Homura, Miyabi, 2x combo cards are options that can be replaced by your own choice.

  • Use Bebeby pet to detect any stealth enemy to charge in upon, or nerf enemy in general purpose.

  • Use stealth before charging so that enemy isn't prepared evading your first attack, if possible.

  • If you failed making first hit after charging enemy, re-stealth, if not in stealth, and wander about surroundings for few seconds, and re-charge to take the lead the pace of the fight.

  • Use stealth and stealth pet skills to remove any conditional nerf.

  • Always, heal yourself when everything is safe around you, or in stealth.

  • Once your enemy's barrier is got off, finish enemy off with any other offense cards you have. This also means that you must practice a lot to remove enemy barrier with gun rather than your offense card skills.

  • Spam fireball or combo card. If you find someone frozen, rush at and damage immediately.

  • A build with flying-friendly guns and lots of nerfs which removes stealth.



NT_Ghost916 is one of Japanese players who has high winrate, and is master tier.
Good Post!
(01-03-2020, 06:11 PM)jamesgil Wrote: Good Post!

Thank you very much! Hope it helps you if you play PBS.

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