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coop op art online bullet avatar co pve pvp fatal sword team
[Co-op] Sword Art Online:Fatal Bullet (Avatar PVE/PVP/Co-op)
Better response on post Sword Art Online:Fatal Bullet (Avatar PVE/PVP/Co-op)INTRODUCTION
this is a optimized setup that  can handle all dungeons as well team based PVP macthes with no real weaknesses or counters being by all bases are covered its made for each player to have their weaknesses covered and or protected while letting all of their strengths shine through this set up works both offline with your AI partners and online with other players 

1)first off you want a tank with as much defense and health as possible prioritizing defense you want to make sure that you or the person running as tank have enough defense that when they activate their defense buff they reach the defense cap  that way if they get a level four defense debuff all they would have to do is get the buffer to hit them with nanotech and for the party to build up the medal gauge for them to be back at the defense cap here is an the ideal build  in the case this is being used in pvp replace accessories with the 50% human defense bounty accessories

2)next is a healer,buffer,tank hybrid the game is ruthless especialy to healers and dps players thats why this build prioritizes int vit and agi making them a good healer as possible while being very tanky the idea is that the person running as healer will put all their effort into healing the dps player and debuffer while buffing the tank and they must  do all this while keeping themselves alive here is the ideal build if this is being used in pvp replace one accessory with a 50% human defense bounty accessory and for the secound one a accessory with regular maxed out human defense recharge time and max hp as well as max int

3)just like with the debuffer and healer/buffer the dps player should focus on longer range combat while the tank focuses on being up close but if you have a gigas cedar or blue rose you are an exception there isnt much to think about when playing as dps just buff up get nano tech buff from the buffer and aim for weak spots to do maximum dps here is the ideal build if being used in pvp do the same thing with the healer build and use those accessories instead

4)the last thing you will need is a debuffer/buffer  they should focus on weakening the boss or enemy your facing as much as possible while providing a buff or two and creating openings for the other party members by stunning the boss and  debuffing its attack or defense when no one else can if going against a human type enemy than they should skill freeze them when no one else can other party members should only have to use their debuffs if there are multiple targets or in the case that the debuffer has been downed here is the ideal build if being used in pvp do the same thing with the healer build and use those accessories instead

the tank should be as close as possible to draw the most agro this goes double if they dont have a agro drawing skill equiped the dps player unless they have one of the two abyss dungeon swords should be mid ranged in combat just close enough for their attacks to be at maximum effectivness the healer and debuffer should be as far away as possible just close enough to hit enemys with debuffs and allies with buffs and heals

i have yet to have made a build for the debuffer but expect to see it soon

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