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submission art online bullet build contest third fatal sword
[PvE] Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest third Submission
Better response on post Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Build Contest third Submissionthis is the third and most likely last build i will submitting for this contest this is a tanky healer build that i primaraly have my arfasys use it sporst 315 int in increses recharge time speeds and the amount of healing your jealing skills give it also sports -44% recharge time with these two things combined you can spam skills extremly fast not to mention the pistol weapon art that lowers that recharge time even more this build calls for the lvl 4 and 3 versions of healing bulet a bullet that you fire that gives your ally hp healing field shot that makes afield that heals who ever steps in it hp recovery shot that gives you allie hp recovery oer time the 2 skills that are and exception to this rule are the skills nano tech boost shoot 4 and aed shot you will have one nanotach bost shot and one aed shot  the weapons used are the 160mil bounty long stroke type z and the 178.75mil bounty spb potassium type z this build isnt evry complex you spam heals to those who need it this build gives you 6124 defence and you can always heal yourself this makes you veary hard to kill and helps keep your team mates in the fight the weapons used provide solid dps making it so that even as your healing you can pump out dmg when running high level dungeons i advise running with at least 2 other people a tank and a dps a debuffer shouldnt be needed as dps players ussaually have a debuff or 2 same with tanks i also sudgest you save the healing field shot for your self as they are the only ones you can use on your self all the others can only be used on allys so do just that allowing you to stay alive long and the longer you stay alive the more you can heal your teamates                                         
Since it looks like its PvE build, I put PvE thread prefix. Let me know if I am wrong.

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