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easiest to win in esports easy world the games
Easy eSports Games
The main factor in determining whether it is an easy esports game or not is that a person in the bottom spot of a league with a high competition rate will be able to get to the top spot when challenging a league in another game, that is, when it is easier to win compared to other leagues. We define it as easy esports games.

Why should you try easy esports games while giving up higher rewards from more competitive leagues? Of course, if you try to win a tournament of a game that is too easy or a game with a very low competition rate at once, the reward itself may not have great advantages. However, if you play a game that is a little easier than your current game but the competition rate is only a little lower and it has a little bit smaller rewards, then there are so many benefits in terms of getting more livestream followers, rewards, and so on. It is still better to win and receives small rewards in easy esports league rather than losing in a big league and being left with nothing at entry level.

Check out esportsearnings. The websites lists all the gaming leagues with their prize pool. you can generally assume that easier leagues are meant to have less rewards. However, you should not simply choose any games out there simply because they look easier to win for having lower rewards. Please do research on which sponsors for that game and how big they are. If there exists such sponsors, and you keep good spots in the leaderboard of the game, you will eventually have more chance to get contacts from pro teams and sponsors, which will boost your career as eSports. This also means that if the game you play doesn't have any pro teams involved, well you might want to change games or even create your own team with your friends.

However, if you still doubt that having relatively smaller reward can guarantee you to succeed in eSports, then, you can try AEG Pro League. Unlike other pro leagues, AEG Pro League is designed to be the easiest league in the world for everyone by adding lots of additional factors into its league, such as following:
1) the number of players who receive rewards is wide,
2) we provide various types of rewards,
3) we play around less popular games,
4) and your reward varies depending on your forum activity — Not only focusing on gaming, but also community activities.

As of April 2021, easy eSports league, AEG Pro League, supports following easy eSports games:
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash
Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist
Kandagawa Jet Girls

For more details about AEG Pro League, check the top of this page - there is a link to application for each seasons.

In any case, whatever easy eSports games or leagues you play, do not play more than 4 months if you can't get into top #100~10 of the game's leaderboard, depending on the population of the game you play. Reason why it starts from top #100 then decreases to 10 is because you should be trying harder game first then go easier game depending on your leaderboard spot being in and keeping in top 100 or not. The reason why 4 months is that mechanics of the most eSports games are designed to fit into many people so that many people can play to make its league active. So mastering it usually takes 4 months. If you can't master in 4 months and not be able to keep yourself in top spots of the game, then that means that's not the game you should be focusing on. Change your eSports game immediately to easier one. You still have bunch of other eSports games that are easier than your current game.
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