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Hello Everybody! [I didn't know I had to do this]
Age: 20
Location: USA Eastern
Gender: Male

Hello everyone, name is Scoobert (Scoob for short)
Thank you for inviting me to the community, I hope to be useful here 

Currently: making animations off of FlipaClip and upload them to my channel. Hoping to be an otaku

Social Media accounts:

Discord [ENG]:
Discord [日本語]:
Welcome to AEG, Scoobert, I can fianlly say this Big Grin
I really appreciates lots of your works helping others.
Yeah, hopefully we would have more anime gamers in the future.
Sadly there are not many anime gamers atm, while there are many people who just watches anime but do not play anime games when it comes to video games.
This is main reason why this kinds of community is getting hardship lol

Also please let me know if you have anything to suggesst/discuss. I am happy to hear ya  Blush
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