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new here guy
New guy here!!
Hi everyone, I just got into the senran kagura games last Christmas.

I might get kandagawa jet gurls. (Is it good?)

If any one want to do some online let me know.

Psn - pauliepablo1
Hello, if you gonna enjoy a singleplayer most of your time, I wouldn't recommend it because singleplayer of this game is very repetitive on same thing.
In this case you will more like SAO:FB.

However, if you going to spend many hours and days on multiplayer, yes I recommend.

Here is a brief review by Oculin, I think his review is best among all the reviews by far because he is actually a person spent lots of times into KJG unlike other reviewers who just make reviews within a week after the release without deeply playing the game.

And here is also his video review

Hope it helps you  Heart
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