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to make anime esports reasons why your you games want
Reasons why you want to make your anime games eSports
In this article, we will go through each points reasoning on why you want to make your anime games eSports.

Making an eSports out of your anime game makes your beloved anime games keep going for huge amount of time.

Lots of anime gamers who play anime games that are not based on the most popular anime (e.g. Naruto, Boruto) mostly experience the dead of their anime games. If you just focus on making your anime game being eSports, there will be no tragedy. There is no reason for anime game company ditch their best selling anime games.

Making an eSports out of your anime games makes your beloved animes (anime series of anime games you play) keep going for huge amount of time.

This is mostly truth as you see animes like Boruto are still on broadcasting, and they all have at least a form of tournaments for their anime games.

Good selling anime games can produce its anime.
There is actual cases: Senran Kagura, King's Raid and so on. If you make your anime games as much popular as possible by the means of eSports or anything, there will very likely be an anime series for your anime game.

More careers related to anime business will be newly created, which means you can fully focus on anime material in your entire life.
Well, for making anime games eSports, there would be at least 5 more jobs required such as video editors, article writers, pro gamers, anime artists and programmer and so on. In either case, one thing that does not change is that you can fully focus on anime material so you don't waste your time on something you dislike or get stressed. Your career will be a full of joy.

You make completely comfortable and relax-able environment area with anime, anime games, anime goods, and anime friends.
Creating good anime environment around you is crucial part that is directly related to your mental health. It is very hard to focus on anime material sincerely if you don't have a tailored environments that help you focus on anime material. Still lots of weebs, they do watch anime, buy anime goods, try to find friends who are also interested in anime, but they play non-anime games. So there is a hole in their anime environment. You will want to fix those cracks.

Thank you very much for reading! Any comments below appreciated!
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